Sunday, January 17, 2010

On the current Administration's view of the Constitution

I think it would help us to understand where O is coming from—in expanding the scope of the Federal government—by keeping in mind the Progressive's view of the Constitution; that, while the written Constitution was appropriate for the times in which it was drafted, it now is a museum piece of no importance for today because historical circumstances have changed and a fixed interpretation of the founding documents cannot possibly be an appropriate basis for governing.

Therefore, the current Administration feel that what they are doing is perfectly natural. O does not feel constrained by the Constitution's limits on Federal government. Neither did Pelosi when she uttered the famous "Are you kidding? Are you kidding?" in response to a reporter's question about the Constitutional basis for the healthcare bill.

And, that explains O's—along with the Progressives in Congress—lack of reticence about expanding the role of the Federal government.

I believe the thought never crossed their collective, Progressive mind that the people would have a different opinion. So, the results of the upcoming elections should be a shock to them.

We can only hope.


Ron Russell said...

Personally, I don't think the progressives care about what we think--they see themselves as the thinks and the masses as those needing their guiding light. A light that will lead us knuckle-draggers from our self-imposed darkness and into their bright and glorious Utopian world.

hbl said...

I suppose you are correct. After all, that is their idea of the progression of history.

Unknown said...

A progressive is a non violent Communist. Are they trying to establish Communism? No, but neither were the Communists, they were establishing socialism. There has never been a truly communist nation.

The Soviet Union was a socialist nation. When they say they are not trying to establish Communism, just socialism, what they really mean is they want Soviet style socialism.

hbl said...

Except the 'modern' Progressive prefers the term 'communitarianism.'

Rosemary Welch said...

Wow. Communist wasn't in the USSR? Okaaaaaaay...

Hi there. I don't think they care about Coakley, nor do they think they had anything to do with this.

Let them keep making the people afraid to spend any money, and we'll have a bigger depression than we saw in the 20's-30's. FDR's programs PROLONGED the depression, not help it. Spend, spend, spend.

When will people learn? Economics 101A & 101B should be MANDATORY!

Have a great day. ;)

hbl said...

O will throw anyone under the bus if they can't keep up.

Rosemary, we are up against not Democrats but against Progressives and their agenda. Croly laid out the agenda in 1909 and O has signed on big time. Not only that, O's guru on tactics is a Chicago street fighter, Saul Alinsky.