Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hope and anger

For Obama, 'Hope' has been replaced by anger, frustration

The article points out that Americans are angry with the Obama administration and describes how O is reacting to it:
The Obama response has come in two parts.  One is to try to get better about communicating to people that he is fighting to address exactly what angers them.   The other is to put the onus on whomever he deems is getting in the way of progress, hoping to shift the heat onto them.
If anyone had the idea O got the message—that his programs, with their obscene deficit spending, are unwanted—forget it.   O is convinced his progressive agenda is exactly what the people want and cannot even begin to imagine the voters are reacting against it.

Obama hasn't changed his mind.   He is not letting up on pushing his progressive agenda.  Obama is sure to use every trick imaginable to foist his programs upon us.  So now is not the time for complacency; we will need to remain vigilant until he is out of office.

Hope: That we now recognize progressives for what they are and hope to never vote another into office.


Ron Russell said...

Obama is a radical---plain and simple. Radicals will never, never admit they are wrong and will attempt to step on anyone who gets in their way. Like you say, Obama doesn't believe we don't like his agenda and will never accept that. For him the solution is clear---he must explain it better to us dumb hicks.

hbl said...

The news readers are bloviating over Congressional gridlock not realizing it is that very gridlock that is between us and abject ruin.

Obama and his progressive ilk have over played their hand. The truth about what they were up to has been made plain.

The problem is, despite that, so many voters are oblivious to the dangers.